Wineries: Improve DTC Wines Sales with Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services

No matter the size of your winery or brand, we work with you to create a marketing strategy to drive more consumer direct wine sales. 

We are the winery, we reflect the values of the winery, and we extend the reach and frequency of the relevant contact with the customers in ways the winery would if they could. We work with brands both big and small – size doesn’t matter. We are a team of specialists dedicated to creating marketing strategies that convert into wine sales.  

We focus on the three tenets of consumer direct wine sales: engagement, retention and loyalty – not just the conversion.  A one time sale is great – a lifetime customer is a treasure. Let us show you how it’s done.

Our Services:

Email Marketing

We email to generate inbound calls to our telesales team.


We are you. Our telesales team sells wine on your behalf.

Data Append

We do the hygiene on your customer database.

A “Click to Call Email” Begins Your Telesales Campaign

Chatterbox typically utilizes click-to-call emails to launch direct marketing campaigns that combine outbound and inbound sales components. The targeted emails result in high deliverability rates to consumer inboxes with a specific call to action to drive inbound calls and emails which, when combined with outbound telesales, results in significantly higher total wine sales from campaigns. The results are remarkable and allow the marketing efforts to reach the entire database of a winery, and promote reengagement and retention of even long lost customers. Simply put, it really works.

Performance Based Pricing: Why We Offer It

Because we excel at what we do.

We believe strongly enough in our ability to move the needle in omnichannel wine sales that we are driven to work on a performance based compensation model.

TELESALES: An Extension of Your Winery

No one understands your customer like you do, but we try to come close. Your brand story is a valuable asset, and our mission is to help tell your story, and to tell it well. Our relationship-based telesales professionals serve as an extension of your winery brand to engage customers by phone to support wine campaigns, seasonal releases, promotional offers, wine club enrollment, and other sales promotional activities. While specializing in outbound sales efforts, we also can provide inbound services to support direct mail, events, seasonal overflow, or other specific winery needs.