Our Value Proposition: Five Things You Should Know About Chatterbox

Heading into the Thursday meeting at Chatterbox, I followed Mike DiNapoli, COO/CFO of Chatterbox, through the front door. I was stopped by Daniel Bishofberger, Senior Sales Manager, who smiled and said, “Mark, remember, there’s no tailgating anymore”. Tailgating is the act of two employees entering the building and only one swipes their key fob. I laughed at Daniel then said, “I’m the CEO of this outfit” With just a slight smirk Mike turned to me and said, “yea Mark, it’s the policy – you need to swipe your fob.”

‘Our Value Proposition

Buttoned up, tight and synchronized are all words I use when describing the group at Chatterbox. In the last 60 days, I’ve improved the product and process at Chatterbox dramatically. We are here to sell your wine to your most profitable channel aka, consumer direct.

The 'gap' is the difference between what you think you know and what it really is - when I returned to the helm of Chatterbox, my first goal was to close that gap. My team is a well-oiled machine dedicated to the art and science that is direct to consumer wine sales. Our services are designed to improve your brand messaging, slow customer attrition and increase your highest quality revenue.

Here Are Five Things You Should Know About Chatterbox:

  1. Accredited: The entire sales team has their Level 1 WSET Certification. We are enthusiastic ambassadors of your wine and brand. Q1 2017 we start studying for WSET Level 2. Huge thanks to Christian Oggenfuss at Napa Valley Wine Academy.
  2. Secure: We’ve upped the ante on data security. Military grade encrypted data vault / Network protected by two firewalls / Nightly physical PII audits and purge / Commercial grade WiFi / All employees badged with appropriate permissions – including the boss. / Commercial anti-virus across all endpoints. The bottom line is – nobody is tighter with your secure data.
  3. Tenured: We hire, train, monitor, cultivate and inspire a staff that you would be proud to have represent your brand. We take good care of our sales people to ensure your campaigns are served by the same group (whenever possible).
  4. Success Based. It means what it says – Chatterbox is compensated on the wine we sell. We collaborate with you to develop a winning marketing strategy to sell more wine than you might imagine.
  5. Commanding: Correct me if I am wrong, but I’m betting you wouldn’t drink 10% of a bottle of wine and pour it out. So why would you call the top 5-10% of your customer database and leave the rest to be largely ignored by email only? Chatterbox calls through your list and uses email as fortification – not the front line of your marketing strategy. Contact from a from certified Chatterbox wine sales specialist (aka. Boxter™) is the fastest way to maintain loyalty and retain your most valuable customers.

Which Would You Rather Have?

All things considered – the margin in 3-tier (per bottle) is at 40-50% +/- and DTC 70-75%. Which would you rather have? Based on 7 years of historical data, we know our services are good for an average 17% lift in sales to your database making our services beyond attractive. Better yet, we build your brand, extend your reach, do all the heavy lifting and what better placement would you want than in the cellar of a loyal customer. They will always be your best ambassadors.

After helping pioneer the luxury wine consumer direct movement, I can assure you, competition for customers has never been more robust. We’d like to talk to you about your direct to consumer sales and how we can work together to grow your profitability and retention of your most valued asset: direct to consumer customers.

Please feel free to reach to me directly mark@chatterboxwinemarketing.com.

Mark Pope

Mark Pope is the Founder and CEO of Bounty Hunter Rare Wines and Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services in Napa, CA. He's been in the direct to consumer luxury wine sales business for 23 years. Mark recently returned to the helm of Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services and has broken ground on a new five-story building for Bounty Hunter in downtown Napa.

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