You had me at “Hello”

We all know at heart that we need to maintain the “you had me at hello” feelings your customers receive at the winery once they go back home.  But how? How often should you be communicating to them? Through which channel? And, what resources do you have at the winery to make it happen on a regular and consistent basis?

That’s where Chatterbox comes in.

We serve as an extension of a winery’s core outreach program through our trained professional services team. That group handles telesales, email, mobile, social, direct mail and more. Our goal is to continuously engage your customers and winery visitors after they leave and foster loyalty and retention for the long term. Our team is trained to tell your story and to tell it well through all channels to both drive wine sales and maintain the winery-customer bond. That’s the Chatterbox mission.


“Connecting” with your existing customers and prospects is a function of time, place and relevancy.  Consumers vary in their preferences around how they like to be communicated with:  phone, web, email, text, social, mail, in person. Wineries need to work through multiple zones of engagement, or touch points, to optimize relationship opportunities with consumers. This omnichannel approach to marketing requires dedicated resources and expertise to make sure that content and offers are relevant, timely, and consistent with the brand messaging and strategy of the brand owner.

We are ‘connection experts” utilizing the most cutting edge tools available to ensure delivery and response. We help target where your buyers are, ensure delivery of  compelling and relevant content, and determine what’s working and what’s not.


“Collecting” data is oftentimes viewed as an added burden to wineries and their employees who are challenged with the task of acquiring names, emails, phone numbers, and other personal data from the guests who visit their tasting rooms, attend events, or shop on their websites.

However, there is no data mining without data, which is the key to successful and cost effective DTC marketing. We provide the resources – people, tools,  technology – and the methodology to capture data and create profitable CRM driven campaigns based on customer preferences.

Whether it’s in the tasting room, at events, or online, we help design programs to make collecting data easier. And we provide the extra services related to data hygiene and data management to ensure accuracy, reliability, and security of the targeted campaigns that follow.


Converting” is the holy grail of DTC marketing. It pays the bills. Turning prospects into customers, selling more to existing customers, and creating purchasing annuities from both is the result of engaging and targeting your audience with relevant, timely, and consistent messaging through all marketing channels. The ultimate goal is to make sure you get the most out of every engagement with your customers, and give you a better understanding of customer behavior. By gaining valuable insights from all your DTC channels, wineries can optimize their investments in the most efficient way and ensure the most profitable wine sales while expanding their customer base.


Customer data is great to have, but now what?

One of the challenges facing winery owners and management is the availability of reliable and understandable data that accurately tracks performance in the various sales and marketing channels, and that can provide insights into how best to allocate marketing resources ($’s and people) going forward.

We believe “decomplexifying” customer marketing data is crucial to building and annuitizing a successful DTC business. We don’t want you to have to figure it out all on your own, so we provide useful dashboard reporting by consumer touch point and channel to make sure you understand what’s happening, and then provide you insights on why. Whether it’s telesales, web, email, mobile, social, direct mail, or all of the above, we help you learn from what’s worked and what’s not, and improve each successive campaign from actionable insights.