Engage Your Customers The Way They Desire

Omnichannel marketing is the process of engaging your customer in the WAY they desire to stay connected to your brand. Omnichannel starts with your tasting room and continues the customer journey long after they’ve returned home through your digital and print channels.

Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services has mastered the cultivation of the customer journey by developing tools to connect with your customer through multiple touch points.  As many have gravitated away from telephony in exchange for email marketing, we’ve seen our highest conversion rates on calling your list and maintaining the customer relationship.

Joe’s Omnichannel Wine Purchase

An email is sent on behalf of ABC Winery by Chatterbox Wine Marketing (via ExactTarget) at 6 am offering their current vintage Cabernet Sauvignon to their mailing list.

Joe sees the alert at his 3rd email address, joeandjen@gmail.com, at his desk at 9:15 am as he is leaving for a meeting.  He is intrigued by the tagline, “ABC Winery: Cabernet of the Decade” but doesn’t have time to read the email.  Joe grabs his coffee and iPhone then heads out the door.

At 10:45, Joe is returning from meetings and reads the ABC Winery offer on his iPhone. The email call to action:  “Your Allocation Of A Six Pack of the 2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Joe and his wife Jennifer visited the ABC Winery that summer where they signed up for the mailing list via the iPad app built by VinoVisit. The email they provided was an older email Joe and Jennifer used for offers from a variety of retailers and merchants, but didn’t always check.

He clicks the phone number on the mobile optimized email where the link immediately brings the phone number up on his phone. At the same time, his assistant comes through the door, “Joe, your 11:00am is here”. Joe never completes the call.

Joe takes his meeting, heads to lunch and then returns to his desk to finish reports and the day slips away. Joe forgets all about the order he wanted to place of 12 bottles of the 2012 ABC Napa Valley Cabernet.

A week goes by and it’s now 5:30 pm and Joe is watching television with his wife.  He’s watching football, she’s reading email and surfing the web on her iPad.  “Hon, did you see the email my favorite winery sent about the twelve bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon?”

I did, but completely forgot“, he explains.

As the words fall from his mouth “I completely forgot”, the phone rings.  Joe’s wife Jennifer answers, “Hello Jennifer, this is Meghan with ABC Winery, I wanted to reach out to you with a special offer….”

Jennifer listens to the special offer from ABC Winery that not only includes 12 bottles of ABC Winery’s “Cabernet of the Decade”, but, it also included a shipping incentive.

Jennifer takes advantage of the order, receives inclusive shipping and is now the proud owner of twelve bottles of the 2012 ABC Winery Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

During the call she updated her contact information so she will be emailed in the future and Joe won’t. Better yet, Joe is off the hook and the winery has tailored how they will contact Joe and Jennifer in the future.