All marketers know that the key to success is getting your message or offer delivered. But your outbound marketing and sales efforts are only as good as the quality of your customer data. With the increasing volume of incomplete and inaccurate winery customer data, the need for proper data hygiene and processing campaigns is greater than ever. Your email reputation is too important to spend on undeliverable email addresses, and the productivity of your telesales efforts is impacted negatively by bad or missing telephone numbers. That’s where Chatterbox comes in.


Customer data cleanup, append and processing results in a higher return on investment from your overall customer outreach from all channels. This means greater customer engagement and retention because you are able to reach more of your customers on a consistent basis.

Our data management team will evaluate your data, run it through our “dialysis” process, and append the data with valid email addresses and phone numbers that are available through public records. This typically results in a 20% – 40% successful recovery rate of current email and/or phone records. This service is offered as a standard program for all Chatterbox clients utilizing our marketing services, or can be purchased as a standalone product.