Email Marketing

Winery Email MarketingTimely, relevant, consistent, and authentic – are these adjectives you would use to describe your email campaigns?

There is a better way…

Let Chatterbox help you optimize what is today the most cost effective and measurable marketing tool in consumer direct marketing: Email.

We use MailChimp for all of our email marketing clients. It’s superlative responsive design and analytic capability couples with high deliverability. When combined with our team of marketing experts dedicated to email development,

But wineries rarely have the dedicated resources and the most cutting edge tools available to get the best ROI from email marketing. We can help. Utilizing MailChimp and a team of dedicated professionals in email marketing, we can guarantee success in this channel with higher deliverability and conversion rates that lead to greater profitable wine sales. And our compensation is performance based.

Here are some of the things we do as part of service offerings:

  • Data Validation
  • Data Append
  • Collaborate with winery to develop and merchandise email campaign
  • Full HTML creation
  • Create responsive email templates
  • Ensure mobile optimization
  • Implement A-B testing to optimize click rates and conversions
  • Ensure prelaunch testing and QA
  • List import
  • Campaign deployment and management
  • Campaign review, reporting, and insights

Chatterbox Mail is your turnkey solution. And our compensation is performance based.