Let us show you how our concierge level outreach program (that includes telephone and email) is the best route to engagement, customer retention and wine sales.

For a winery to run a successful telesales operation, or even a single campaign, it requires staff, infrastructure, and management. A winery needs skilled telesales specialists, on site team leadership, evening and weekend shift availability, as well as a certain amount of special equipment in addition to computers, desks, phones, and headsets. In addition, special incentive programs are necessary to motivate and drive successful campaigns, which may be inconsistent with daily tasting room compensation. Constant monitoring of calls is needed and finding salespeople who can emotionally connect with consumers over the phone is difficult. As a result, some wineries end up utilizing their best tasting room sales staff that are great in person, but fail to succeed in phone sales.

One of the biggest issues for wineries is also staff turnover. Successfully selling wine over the telephone involves a different set of skill sets and personality traits than selling wine face-to-face in the tasting room. Should a winery lose a key contributor of an in-house telesales program, it can have severe negative impact on a winery’s financial performance. Spreading the risk by outsourcing to a specialized firm that is dedicated to the wine telesales channel can provide year around certainty of competency and revenue.

Let Chatterbox help you extend your reach, build and sustain personal relationships with your most valuable customers, and drive regular, dependable and sustainable profitable wine sales. And our compensation is performance based.