How To Know If Your Winery Should Blog

“You don’t have to do it alone. If you have creative employees, empowering them to blog can open up enormous possibilities for new ways of working, of thinking, of increasing customer engagement.”

Most wineries ask themselves the question, “Should I blog?”. Many answers are relevant. Yes to greater SEO. Yes to driving traffic to your website. Yes to getting attention on social media. But also yes because the more you blog the more you will understand how to communicate with your customers, the more you will know what your customers want, and the more you will know your own business.

True, you can always send an email. But if someone a week later tries to remember when that email arrived, because they want to visit, they might have a hard time finding it. With a blog, they can go to that page immediately and get the information they want. You also don’t want customers to get so lost in a website that they forget they came there simply to buy their favorite wine.

What You Should Know

You don’t need to follow a formula. Different wineries have different objectives and different ways of reaching those objectives.

For instance. Take Daou Winery. (http://www.daouvineyards.com/News ). Daou uses its blog to many purposes. Reviews and ratings of wines are posted. Special tasting events may be listed in one or more posts. And it may use a post to describe what is happening now in the vineyard.

Opolo Vineyards (http://www.opolo.com/Blog ) uses its blog to not only provide increased details of the winery for those who are interested, but provides delicious recipes and quite a bit of travel information.

Ancient Peaks Winery (http://www.ancientpeaks.com/blog ) uses its blog to describe the vineyards in significant detail. If you are interested, a huge amount of information is there, as well as detailed reviews on their wines. If you are not interested, you don’t need to wade through all of this simply to find the wines that you want. But it’s there.

It’s A Beautiful Thing

And that’s the beauty of blogging. The information you talk about can be seen only by those who want to listen to you talk. People can subscribe to your blog so they can see new posts, and you don’t have to constantly remember to remind everyone new information is there. The customer has control.

What Can You Do? 

If your blog allows customers to comment, you could learn rapidly what they want to read about and you can cater to them.

If you are a new business, blogging can help establish your presence in the online community. If you are new to blogging, you can discover new ways to promote your business.

You don’t need to spend all your time on it. A regular blogging schedule, even once a week (but no less than that), can help you focus on what’s important, what problems need solving, and even help solve these problems.

You don’t have to do it alone. If you have creative employees, empowering them to blog can open up enormous possibilities for new ways of working, of thinking, of increasing customer engagement.

Just set up a blogging schedule of what you think will resonate with your fans and customers. Maintaining a blog is a major upside to its value. If you blog regularly, your blog will get better and better, and you will find increased customer engagement and customer satisfaction without overloading them with too much information.

Let me know what you think about blogging. Write your comments below or email me.


Larry Chandler has spent many years in the wine industry in both New York and California. He has been a wine educator with wineries and wine clubs and has written about wine marketing for several marketing groups. He has also been a judge for two major wine competitions, the Pinot Noir Summit and the Cabernet Sauvignon Summit. Larry can be reached at larry@larrychandler.com

Larry Chandler
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