Author: Steven Smith

Steven is the General Manager of Chatterbox Wine Marketing with a proven track record of developing high performing direct to consumer campaigns for luxury wine brands. In the many years leading up to today - it's clear, that all the while, Steven was building towards this moment. Working as a stage in kitchens on the East Coast and for some of the brightest chefs - Andrew Berman, Frank Ruta, Yannick Cam, Lydia Shire and Danielle Balliani. Apprenticing as a wine buyer at Tra Vigne in St. Helena and selling massive amounts of wine over the phone at Bounty Hunter Rare Wines. Each experience contributing to the development of content surrounding wine - but it was the move back to NYC for a stint that moved the needled the most. A stint away working solely on digital media campaigns - building websites, email marketing and consulting rounded his sales and direct to consumer experience. Campaigns with Newsweek, Volvo, Warner Brothers, Flixster and UltraViolet honed his understanding of analytics and their relationship to revenue. "I see myself as a sales enablement specialist" With so many tools available to us - it's easy to forget that picking up the phone and calling a customer is the most efficient way to convert a sale. Analytics and the understanding of our metrics enable me to clearly define the challenge and create sales campaigns that convert.

The Chatterbox Experience: Our Sales Team

Chatterbox Wine Marketing Sales Team
It’s lunchtime at Chatterbox, and the entire team is eating together just outside my door. Last week, we decided to try letting all our Boxters take lunch at the same time. “It’s good for morale,” they said. “Be careful what you wish for,” seems more appropriate, because those ladies are LOUD. It's hard not to ...
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