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Steven Smith

I have over 20 years of experience in both sales and marketing with a minor specialty in DTC. Currently I run Chatterbox Wine Marketing which is an agency that provides luxury wine brands with DTC sales and marketing support. Over the last two years, we've grown quickly adding inbound/customer service and HubSpot CRM practices to our already growing DTC sales engine.

Tips from the Telesales Desk

Chatterbox’s success with outbound has much to do with the breadth of calls we make – and how we make them. The “how” has never been as noticeable as a reason for our success – but, what we have found is the combination of personal touch + volume of calls leads to more authentic engagement and a higher ratio of calls back.


Year over year, May would mark the end of feverish Spring allocation and buying season. I use the analogy of being on a roller coasting ride and May is the end of the ride before you get off and go stand in line and wait for next October. Times are clearly different. What we are seeing is a decline in contact rate due to heightened levels of customer travel – but average order values are up 10-12%.

Score More DTC Wine Sales: Level Up Your Customers

Lead scoring your wine club and non-club members (DTC) will enable your sales team to target the customers with the highest potential to purchase.

When I think about what we do – what drives us to sell wine, it comes from a place that’s like an itch that needs to be scratched. It’s not random nor is it ever based on luck. Success is achieved by diligently researching the customer, committing to outbound with vigor, and consistently updating the CRM.

lead scoring dtc customers

Outsourcing DTC Sales: Risk or Reward?

When asked what Chatterbox does or about the benefits of outsourcing DTC sales, I’ve gotten it down to one floor of an elevator ride. Outbound.
We extend your brand past the 2D world of email and actually interact with your customers. Outbound leads to contact and contact leads to sales. The connection makes the sale more personal and is particularly effective with the luxury wine buying demographic. People want to talk about wine – plain and simple.

Benefits to outsourcing dtc sales
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