Winery Customer Database or Digital Junk Drawer?

Dirty customer data is the silent killer of marketing campaigns.

Everybody has a breaking point. Mine was the week after Christmas when my 4-year-old son, high on gingerbread and fresh pine scent, needed a new toy opened up. Of course, it was one of those that comes packaged in its own SuperMax prison of zip-ties, packing tape, and staples. I needed scissors, but when I pulled on the junk ...

Winery Email Marketing: How To Improve Your Results

An hour ago I was asked by a big shot winery CEO, “why is Chatterbox’s email marketing so much better than what we are doing?” Flashes of light and sirens were going off simultaneously, proceeded by sweat and panic….then Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber appeared in my head. I replied, “you are using rockets NASA launched to land on the moon and we are using Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 … they both ...


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Based in Napa, CA and founded in 2009 – Chatterbox has been instrumental in accelerating direct to consumer wine sales conversions the old-fashioned way; over the phone.

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