DTC Sales – 4 Things That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

DTC Sales – 4 Things That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

DTC Sales - 4 Things That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

What we’ve learned in 9 years of DTC wine telesales is “people WANT to talk about wine”. Even if you don’t get them the first time, chances are, about 12 – 20% will call you back. Maintaining that connection is a sure way to maintain engagement – it’s also the fastest way to sell more wine.

Our approach at Chatterbox is somewhat old-fashioned as it pertains to telesales. We prize engagement and retention as much as we do our conversion rates. To say that means, for every call we make (approximately 100 per day), we either talk to the customer or we leave a well-crafted and brand-approved message. We don’t record a voicemail and drop it 100’s of times via automation. The net benefit, even if the sale doesn’t occur, is that customer receives a highly personalized message from their favorite winery.

Although we believe very strongly in the power of the phone, particularly as it pertains to the target demographic, a well-orchestrated campaign, attacking from all sides is going to offer you the highest returns. An integrated marketing approach will capture the most attention and drive the highest average order values. An email announcement, first wave, first round calls (to everyone), second wave, personalized email to unanswered calls, follow up email announcement, third wave and second round calls to top buyers/prospects who didn’t answer, final attack.

Here Are 4 Things That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates On Your Next DTC Campaign:

  1. Segmentation: The success of your campaign starts with your customer data. In advance of the campaign launch, we will create data sets based on Wine Club, Qualified and Unqualified. Then each of those segments can be broken up into time zones for the purpose of calling.

  2. Script Development: Although you may know the wines like the back of your hand. A strong message lasts no longer than 25-30 seconds. Moreover, it has to transcribe properly. People read their voicemail far more than they listen to it. We develop scripts for first-round, second-round calls and declined credit cards. Consistency, directness, and readability are all paramount to the success of your scripts.

  3. Email Development: It’s not Dostoevsky, it’s an email. Share the offer with them – no more than 50% text and the rest imagery. People eat | drink | order with their eyes. Talk to them about events on the phone, get your proposition in front of them immediately. Products, incentives, and a call to action. For added benefit, A/B test the subject lines for the highest open rates. Launch the campaign with the announcement – so when you call, they are at least apprised.

  4. Calling: Calling isn’t defined by ringing your best clients, taking a few orders and calling it a day. Calling is disciplining yourself to call the lists you defined by your segments in Step 1. Your goal should be somewhere in the 10-12 calls per hour with notes and orders. What you don’t realize is that a call creates a level of accountability on your client and you that an email can never do.

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