Which Plan Is Right For Me?

Our performance-based campaigns come with a caveat. In order to work together, we require your qualified list to exceed 500 names. A qualified customer is one that has purchased in the last 18 months and has spent a minimum of $500. We also recommend that our performance-based campaigns offer wines that will exceed the $600 average order value.

Service-based campaigns require a minimum of 500 names to call but have no other requisites. Your campaign will be evaluated and a per call fee will be agreed upon prior to calling. These campaigns are wine club declines, email reacquisition, reactivation and list hygiene. We recommend that every winery run a list hygiene/email reacquisition campaign annually.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

Yes, we want to protect both parties interests. We start with an NDA to look over data and share ideas. Then an annual contract covering privacy, terms and length. And finally, we have SOW per campaign that we also like to adhere to in order to capture all of the fine points of your campaign.

What is Qualified Data?

Qualified essentially means that the customer has purchased in the last 18 months and has spent a minimum of $500. Since we only get paid on what we sell, we need receptive clients to call.

How Long Does A Campaign Last?

Each one of our team members makes approximately 100 calls per day. Depending on the amount of data you need us to call will determine how many boxters you’ll need and how long we will need to call. 

Can You Share My Data With Other Winery Clients?

No. We sign an NDA and a contract with you before we work together. Moreover, we work in a very small industry – nothing comes from trying to cheat your clients. We honor, appreciate and respect what it’s taken to acquire your customers. We will protect them at all costs and never share with anyone.

What Is TAAS?

TAAS is short for telesales as a service. We provide support campaigns to wineries that require our expertise in event sales or credit card recapture. Unlike performance-based campaigns, TAAS is a fee-based service.

Do You Place Orders For Us?

Yes. We work in all the major e-commerce provider’s back end to place the orders for you. They left in a pending status for you to simply – push through to fulfillment or the next stage in your workflow.

Are You PCI Compliant?

Yes. We are PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.

What Is a Click To Call?

A click to call email is one that is sent in advance of the calls to warm the leads. There aren’t any links to products on your website, only links to email or call us to order. It’s more about kicking off the campaign for your customers and making them aware of the offer.