How To Crush Your Next DTC Campaign

How To Crush Your Next DTC Campaign

DTC Wine Sales Success

The two biggest questions we receive from prospective clients about DTC, “how do you generate the conversion rates and high average order values?” The answer, an integrated marketing approach. We have empirical evidence proving that tying, email + telesales is the secret to driving huge DTC sales numbers.

In the initial phases, we start with a revenue goal and work backward. That goal will give you one clear benchmark for success. We then backfill that campaign with inventory and marketing activities. Your success can be judged by how close you were to your revenue goal.

Next, if you don’t already have a clear segmentation strategy, we would suggest parsing your list by ‘Wine Club, Qualified and Unqualified’ customers. There are so many other dimensions, but, this is the simplest approach. The conversion rate attributed to each list will be a sliding scale; wine club being the highest and unqualified the lowest.

Qualified Data: Chatterbox uses the RFM principles. Recency, Frequency, and Money. For us, qualified customers have purchased in the last 18 months and spent at least $500. As for frequency, that $500 can be comprised of several orders. Anyone not a wine club member and not qualified then equals a member of the unqualified list.

Here’s how we put up huge DTC sales numbers every day.

Integrated Marketing Campaign 101: Set-Up

Develop a Forecast Based on the Formula: {List Size x Conversion Rate x Average Order Value = Forecast}

Create a Campaign Focus: 5-6 Wines maximum

Develop Messaging For Voicemail and Email: Short and sweet – your blog is for long-form storytelling.

Establish Your Data Sets: Adjust pricing and incentives to match their loyalty.

Wine Club | Qualified | UnQualified

Develop Corresponding Email Campaign: Adjust versions to match messaging & pricing per audience.

Segment Data for Your Outbound Sales Team. Equal LTV for each to ensure parity and opportunity. Each team member should have a mix of wine club, qualified and unqualified.


Email Launch: Starts the Cycle: Optimize for open rates so you get the most eyes on your wines and incentives. We like to A/B test to ensure the highest open rate.

Commence Outbound Outreach: Each salesperson should be able to make 90-100 calls per day including leaving messages and making sales.

Call Your Entire Database: Each list will have a varying conversion rate and average order value. The ancillary benefit to outbound will be the upsales, cross sales, updated customer PII, tasting room reservations and all of the anecdotal information you want from your customer. Real engagement.

Place More Orders Than You’d Ever Expect: Once you have completed the campaign – it will be abundantly clear that telesales + email, integrated marketing, outperforms email only every day of the week.

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