How To Improve Your Email Results With So Much Inbox Competition

How To Improve Your Email Results With So Much Inbox Competition

Surprise. There are now 2.9 Billion email accounts on planet earth. And according to Radicati, 235 Billion emails sent per day. Of that 235 Billion, approximately 124.5B are being sent by businesses – just like yours. No matter how good you are, how strong the wine offer, the sheer competition for your customer’s attention has never been greater.

“Well done is better than well said.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Q. So what do you do when you rely heavily on email to monetize your brand and you aren’t getting the results you desire?
A. The answer isn’t to send more.

I remember – because I’m now that old guy in every Christmas special that remembers the good ole days – when email was just emerging. Mid to late 90’s. The crazy sound you will forever associate with logging on to AOL. Customers would respond quickly. You stood out with little or no effort. Now, it’s like distributors fighting for shelf space in a grocery store – not only are there more wine brands – everyone has great scores.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your email marketing work for your wine club or DtC wine sales channel

Three Prong My email comes up on my phone, three computers and a tablet. I can’t escape it. I just deleted my entire promotions folder from Google – it’s just too much too often. Try to reinforce your messaging through other avenues. An integrated marketing approach incorporating three prongs will always render the highest results. Retargeting + social + email is a strong suggestion. Email is like a billboard you pass on the highway at 65MPH – you saw the message, but, unless you’ve got a photographic memory, I doubt you’d remember a phone number. Use the other avenues to subtlely remind your customer of your offer with strong calls to action.

Kumbaya One of the biggest challenges we see from bigger wine brands is the segmentation of their marketing departments. Email marketing doesn’t report to the same person who runs the tasting room but they all serve the same person, the customer. Strategies, voice, opinion, merchandise never seem to be on the same page. It’s transparent to the customer. Unify your efforts, work together and put your customer on a pedestal to ensure attention and retention.

Sender Profile If Michelle Obama sent you an email – I bet you’d open it. Regardless of your politics, your mind would be curious. If the did; it would probably wind up in spam or you’d disregard. The sender profile is a close second to the subject line in getting your emails opened but if you want to beat the inbox clutter – send from a recognizable person at the winery. steven@chatterboxwinemarketing, Steven Smith outperforms all day long. A/B test sender profiles to see who gets the highest open rate.

Old School Works And It’s Only Getting Stronger You knew it was coming and I’ve got no reason to make it up. The phone not only works, it’s starting to gain new steam. I ran digital marketing here for a long time. My goals were to create automation and digital opportunities to buy wine. The ultimate attraction, ROI. Email is super cheap to build and deploy – but it doesn’t connect with customers. It doesn’t build brands and it doesn’t upsell. It’s 2D. If you want to crush your next DtC or Wine Club campaign. Send an email offer then call the entire list of openers, non-buyers while you resend the email to the non-openers. What you’ll find, the email primes the pump. But it may take more than one touch to get that customer to purchase. Better yet, the demographic of premium wine buyers tend to be in the 45-65-year-old bracket. They remember the phone and appreciate the outreach.

Watch your own behavior as you go through your emails tomorrow morning. Think about how many emails you receive and which ones you actually respond to – and why. Then, try any of the tips above in conjunction with your next email campaign – I promise it will lead to more wine club and DtC sales.

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