Managing Your DTC Relationships – No Different Than Dating

Managing Your DTC Relationships – No Different Than Dating

Managing Your DTC Relationships - No Different Than Dating

How will you ever create a connection if you never talk? More importantly, how do you stand out to your customers in a sea of great wines?

Somehow email marketing has taken over for direct to consumer relationship management. There’s no denying the ROI. It’s an inexpensive way to market your customers. It also doesn’t take that much of your time to reach a large group. But, are you defining your relationship by never calling to say hello, thank you, or would you like these library wines?

Think about it another way. What message are you sending to someone you fancy if you can’t be bothered to call? Why are your direct to consumer customers different?

To quote En Vogue…

“If you want my loyalty,

respect or my money –

I’d like to know who I am dealing with

even if it’s every once and a while.”

En Vogue didn’t really write those lyrics, but you get the point. There’s been so much time spent on creating automated journeys, social posts and generic messaging that DTC marketing has become overly depersonalized. Essentially we are prioritizing efficiency over the long-term benefits of relationship building.

The feedback we get is if you want to charge investment grade money for your wine – a modicum of respect for our relationship is appropriate. Give them a call, otherwise, you run the risk of alienation and attrition in your DTC database.

Call twice a year – three times tops. And we aren’t saying abandon email – just integrate your approach with some telesales. Telesales will drive a far higher conversion rate than email alone. It will also allow you to engage the customer, upsell, cross-sell and define yourself as a respected piece of your relationship.

We’ll leave you with this – there’s never been so much competition for mental bandwidth as your phone is a constantly buzzing with activity. A call can often be the most direct path to the conversion as it’s a one on one interaction.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Give it a try…you’ll definitely seeing an uptick in DTC sales.

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