Performance Based Telesales

Direct To Consumer Wine Sales
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There’s no magic – it’s hard work and focus. Our team will work with your marketing department to map out objectives and target revenue goals.

Data Analysis. We'll review your data and develop our approach based on your segments.

In conjunction with your marketing team, we'll build messaging to match your voice.

Outbound. Your dedicated team will call your customers to sell them cases of your wines.

Upon completion, we'll recap our results and share our findings.

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Chatterbox By The Numbers in 2017

We're off to a strong start in 2018
Detail is an aggregate of all campaigns run in 2017. Conversion rate are based on total calls (not contacts) divided by total orders Our AOV ranged from $641 to a High: $1103 in October and November.
Average Conversion Rate
Average Contact Rate
2017 Average Order Value

The Chatterbox Advantage

When your sales and marketing could use some horsepower.
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We know our numbers and what it takes to create a successful campaign. We find opportunity in the data.


We take your data security very seriously. We're PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant and all of your sensitive information is stored in 256-bit AES encrypted data locker.


A call from their favorite winery is a great way to manage the engagement with your customer.


Our outreach allows us to engage and interact with your customers. We listen as much as we speak and the anecdotal information is invaluable.


The heart of success. Our most successful campaigns are a product of strong collaboration between the winery and Chatterbox.

Missing Piece

We are the missing piece that will put your DTC and Wine Club revenue goals over the top.

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Which Plan Is Right For Me?


Our performance-based campaigns come with a caveat. In order to work together, we require your qualified list to exceed 500 names. A qualified customer is one that has purchased in the last 18 months and has spent a minimum of $500. We also recommend that our performance-based campaigns offer wines that will exceed the $600 average order value.


Service-based campaigns require a minimum of 500 names to call but have no other requisites. Your campaign will be evaluated and a per call fee will be agreed upon prior to calling. These campaigns are wine club declines, email reacquisition, reactivation and list hygiene. We recommend that every winery run a list hygiene/email reacquisition campaign annually.

Do I have to commit to a contract?


We always need to start with an NDA to evaluate your data and offer protections for both parties involved. Then as we lock in our marketing campaigns for the year, we’ll develop a contract and preliminary scope of work.

What Payment Methods Are Available?
Once you approve our fees bi-weekly, we ACH our marketing fees from your account. We will also take a check once funds have been verified in your account.
Feel free to get in touch with any questions and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible!
We couldn’t work as successfully without our ‘Boxter” and her adroit skills in communicating with our customers. The Boxters we’ve worked with exude profound professionalism and an uplifting demeanor when reaching out to our customers. Many of our faithful customers look forward to their calls; they add personality to our image. My wine hat is off to them.
Claus Janzen
Claus Janzen
Owner, Bacio Divino
I can’t speak highly enough about the services of Chatterbox Wine Marketing. From my first meeting to the end of our campaign, I felt like not only were our customers in good hands, but Handley Cellars as a whole was in good hands. They truly specialize in communications not only with the customer but the team at the winery. Our first campaign was a huge success and we look forward to working with the Chatterbox team to plan our next.
Travis Scott
Travis Scott
VP of Sales, Handley Cellars

Our Technology Stack

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