Telesales As A Service

We'll help you maintain the health of your club and data.

Telesales As A Service

Your marketing team needs some muscle on the phone from time to time. For a fee, Chatterbox will call your wine club declines, bounced email list or support a re-engagement campaign. Extend the Lifetime Value of your hard earned customers by keeping their PII current.

Credit Card Declines

When you run a busy winery, calling your declines can be time-consuming and a challenge to your resources. We'll call the entire list of declines and recapture potentially lost revenue.

Bounced Emails

Good customers will change firms, retire and sometimes just change their ISP and email service. We'll call and recapture new emails and sell them some wine while we are at it.

Re-Engagement / Wine Club Conversion

Do you want to re-engage customers you've lost touch with or convert existing ones to your wine club? We'll get on the phone to support your campaign.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Your Wine Club Support. Engaged.Your Wine Club Support. Engaged.

Helping you extend the lifetime value of your wine club members.

Your wine club credit card declines are affecting the lifetime value of your best customers. You hope they’ll call, log in to update their information or send you an email with their new credit card number. We also hope that unicorns will start grazing on the tiny lawn in front of our office. You know and we know – it just doesn’t happen that way. We all have busy lives and updating your favorite wine club with your new credit card doesn’t always fall in the “important bucket”. We can help.

As a focus of our telesales as a service program, Chatterbox will call your entire list of credit card declines. Update the card numbers and any pertinent or new personal information and take the order. Oh, and we’ll upsell – given the opportunity.

  • Next to the customer logging into their account and updating their card personally, calling is the safest way to transfer credit card information.
  • Updated an average of 23 – 35% of the declined credit cards.
  • Live append – update customer records with new physical address and/or email address.
  • Up-sell. We like to have a small exclusive offer to share for incremental sales.
  • Winery One (w/CBX)
  • Winery Two (w/o CBX)

The Impact On Lifetime Value

At $100 per shipment – four strategic times a year, there’s no room for error. Your wine club represents a significant, “almost” guaranteed annuity. Maintaining that one piece – a valid credit card – will keep that customer in your most profitable revenue channel for their anticipated life cycle.

Recapture 25-35% of declined credit cards from your wine club processing cycle.

Chatterbox By the Numbers in 2017

We've started off strong in 2018 and expect to outperform last year.
Detail is an aggregate of all campaigns run in 2017. Conversion rate are based on total calls (not contacts) divided by total orders Our AOV ranged from $641 to a High: $1103 in October and November.
Annual Conversion Rate
Annual Contact Rate
Annual Average Order Value

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