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Based in Napa, CA and founded in 2009 – Chatterbox has been instrumental in accelerating direct to consumer wine sales conversions the old-fashioned way; over the phone. Our model has evolved with the wine business as we offer luxury wine brands two options: performance and service based campaigns.

Performance-based marketing campaigns are instrumental in supporting wine releases and targeted direct to consumer sales campaigns. Service based calling plans support wine club credit card recapture, bounced email customer updates, wine club conversion and live appends to update your CRM.

Chatterbox Methodology

Analyze Your Data

Our team will analyze your winery's database to create segments of qualified and unqualified data to determine your path to success.


Our data analysis will render the breadth and duration of your campaign. The segments will influence merchandising and allow us to create a forecast and revenue predictability.


Our campaign onboarding process has been streamlined - limiting your time away from other tasks you need to get done. Moreover, we offer a cloud based, fully encrypted file storage location for all of your sensitive information.


Our sales team works with you to tailor the merchandise and messaging to your wine club or DTC clients. Upon completion, we provide a full analysis of your results.


We'll work with your customers - as you - to support your next big marketing initiative. Allocations, wine releases, holiday gifting or wine club follow up.

We’ll build an integrating marketing campaign in conjunction with your marketing team. Our team becomes immersed in your brand to call your entire qualified DTC database or wine club.

  • Partnership: A dedicated team member(s) to your campaign
  • Campaigns last a week to a month depending on the size of your lists.
  • Control: All messaging, imagery, wine descriptions approved by your marketing team.
  • Analysis: A complete review of analytics and anecdotal information obtained by your campaign.
  • Revenue: Proceeds from the campaign are in your account nearly instantaneously.
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Direct To Consumer Campaign DNA

Calling just converts more - plain and simple.
We know what we do and we do it well. We are specialized labor guaranteed to maximize sales to your wine club and direct to consumer database. A campaign with CBX is designed to drive sales and extend your engagement.

Kick Off

Lists are segmented and targeted for merchandise and messaging. An email launch kicks off the cycle.

100 Calls Per Day

Customers who do not answer receive a pre-approved, personalized voicemail

Incentives or Discounts?

Our preference is shipping incentives over discounts. Our group is trained to upsell your customer to reach mutually beneficial shipping thresholds.

Wine Sales

Our team calls your entire Wine Club & Qualified DTC lists with approved messaging and merchandise.

Campaign Recap

We review your campaign analytics to gain insights and enhance the next campaign's results.

We Sell Cases – 2017 Average Order Value $641


Most wineries aren't staffed to call declined cards or hard bounces, but calling adds up to very meaningful revenue. We can help.

Recapture your wine club declines and reinvigorate your database with a service-based calling campaign.

Bounced emails: On average, the bounced email databases we’ve analyzed had over 10,000 customers with a lifetime value of $72 – that’s $185,000 lost to bounced email addresses. Unless you call your list actively, you may never recapture those customers – until now.

Wine Club Credit Card Declines: We have an average credit card recapture rate of 22-25% for declined wine club customers, regaining thousands in otherwise lost revenue.

Wine Club Conversion: Upgrade your direct-to-consumer clients to wine club members using our experienced salespeople.

  • Credit Card Declines: We will call your list of declined credit cards – average recapture = 22-25% of potentially lost revenue.
  • Bounced Email: We’ll call you list of bounced email customers to acquire new contact information.
  • Wine Club Conversion: Upgrade your direct to consumer clients to wine club members.
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