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What We Do?

We help brands generate more revenue from their direct to consumer programs.

Think about it. Sales and customer journey management is a full time gig. It requires training, software, management, know how and constant execution.

Chatterbox dovetails perfectly into most DTC programs. We provide our partners with the flexibility to run their day to day operations with the revenue certainty we bring to the table. When it’s done right, the tasting room focuses on customer acquisition by creating phenomenal guest experiences. And Chatterbox, we provide the on demand sales strength needed to  monetize your customer lists


Customer Engagement

...customers that are satisfied have the tendency to return and possibly refer new customers to your winery. As a result, the winery increases its customer retention and lowers customer acquisition costs, which in turn increases the profit of the business.

Brand Identities.


We go to great lengths to hire and train people that get our mission. Chatterbox puts the customer first – above everyone in the equation. Our team’s mission is to connect and create lasting relationships with your customer. 


Of all KPIs (as they relate to ecommerce and sales), we place LIFETIME VALUE above all else. The longer your customer remains satisfied with your product and service – the more they are apt to purchase. We see it as our mission to create memorable buying experiences for you customers. 


Our team knows how to make the calls and ask for the sale. It’s a given. But, when you are confident enough to serve the customer – now you are selling. Chatterbox prioritizes servicing the customer’s needs as our strategy for gaining recurring sales. 

The Trust Factor

Never in sales has there been so much passive accountability through social media and review sites; there’s no room for mistakes. Our job is to be humble, caring and treat customers the way we want to be treated. Trust is earned or lost each time you talk to a customer. We hire ambassadors that take the time to work through every detail of the transaction. 

Referral Program 5%

We pay 5% of the first campaign’s marketing fee for new business referrals. The average fees range between $500 and $1500. If you have winery in mind, drop us a line. 

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