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Who We Are?

We’re A DTC Sales &
Marketing Agency.

About Us.

Curious About Chatterbox?

Founded in 2009, Chatterbox has worked with over 100 wineries ranging from British Columbia to Southern California. Our core client roster is wineries in our own backyard – Napa Valley and Sonoma County. 

Our team is comprised of DTC salespeople charged with providing outreach for luxury wine brands to their wine club and direct to consumer customers. We become an extension of your brand, share your message and engage your customer over the phone.

Our sales style reflects how we run our business. We put people first. If those who buy your product are happy with those selling it, we have a perfect setting for a long-term relationship. 



We prioritize collaboration with our clients. We want you to win and empower you with top shelf experience, management, staff and software. Our goal is to free you to grow your business, profitably. 

Referral Program 5%

We pay 5% of the first campaign’s marketing fee for new business referrals. The average fees range between $500 and $1500. If you have winery in mind, drop us a line. 

We Enhance CX

The customers view of your brand is the simplest way to define customer experience. CBX excels at meeting the customer head on and guide them through their journey with your brand.

Customer Experience

We believe the CX is the top priority of our team members - above all else. If the customer is happy, so are we.

Real Time Problem Solving

Solving problems in real time keeps customers for a long time. We can make a difference right away.

Confident connectors

Our team engages, asks questions, solves problems and then asks for the sale.

Profits are derived when you are doing what is most productive for your goals.

In sales, people tend to be good at one thing or the other – acquiring new customers or managing existing customers. The common ask of managers is to create a team that excels at both – which a much bigger ask than you’d think. What we see as a formula for success is using your in house team for customer acquisition by creating phenomenal guest experiences and outsourcing your ongoing customer management and profitability to Chatterbox. 

Salespeople that feel like they work for you.

We hire personable, authentic people that want to join an organization that supports businesses they love. They are a mix of service and sales with the goal of providing a stellar customer experience.

We understand sales data.

Campaigns start with a full evaluation of your existing sales data to develop a forecast and projected timeline for your campaigns. 

Unrivaled customer service agents.

Our CS desk is staffed with team members that thrive in helping customers with their challenges. What’s cooler? Our CS team have all been trained in sales as well. We handle all things in REAL TIME. 

Incredible sales management

All of our managers have done the job they are helping develop. They understand what needs to be done and success metrics for each and every campaign. 

Tenure and experience

Our management team has worked on 1000+ campaigns together. We’ve experienced  changes in the marketplace and understand the customer extremely well. That experience allows us to guide our partner brands to success.

Specialized labor

Campaign success can easily be attributed to focus. We stay in our swim lane. Our team isn’t stretched between multiple jobs they work sales or service. And train to be the best for that role. 

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