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Your Wine Club Growth, Defined.

The customer has club choices and are staying where they find real value. Customer engagement and service are two places we can help you right away. 

The Cost of Club Attrition

Options. The customer has an abundance of wine club’s to join. The wine and incredible guest experience get them through your front door. The tasting all but ensures they’ll become members. Once they return home, and ultimately start receiving shipments, you become another monthly transaction on the household P&L. A luxury.

When economic winds change, luxuries become expendable. Friends, real relationships create value and trust. Therefore harder to part ways with a real relationship. Those who invest in service and connection retain members 3-4x longer 

Chatterbox lowers attrition and extends the lifetime value of wine clubs through contact and connection. We serve the customer and keep them engaged. Moreover, we are a constant point of contact that creates real value for the customer through accountability. 


Our impact on wine club sales and retention can be felt immediately. We dovetail into most marketing plans seamlessly. 

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Decrease Churn
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Grow Revenue
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Gain Engagement
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Extend LTV

Referral Program 5%

We pay 5% of the first campaign’s marketing fee for new business referrals. The average fees range between $500 and $1500. If you have winery in mind, drop us a line. 

Data reveals that one-third of consumers are likely to switch brands after a single instance of poor customer service.

Increased Contact Leads To Greater Retention

How We Maximize The Revenue Potential Of Your Wine Club

Customer Satisfaction

Your members will have a consistent point person to serve their needs. Lower attrition and happier members. 

Enhanced Engagement

Not all communications relate to sales. Membership and loyalty directly relate to how engaged they are with your brand.  

Targeted Outreach

Acount managers know their customers preferences. Our team will call the customer personally with products they’ve asked for specifically. 

Fewer Declines

We typically see 10% declines per club run. Consistent account management leads to updated credit cards. 

Cost Savings

Hiring, training, managing, and software all come at a price. Our team provides a plug and play solution for all club sizes.  

Increased Life Time Value

They have more club options than ever. Real value isn’t a recipe, great customer service and engagement lead to longer memberships. 

Customer Service & Inbound

Turnkey. Always on. Focused on customer satisfaction and retention. Chatterbox inbound and customer service client’s enjoy the benefits of dedicated team of customer service agents to take care of their customer’s needs.

Shipment Routing

We work with customers who request holds, redirects and cancellations. And then submit requests to the fulfillment partner and log the case under the customer's record.


Your CS team will take your inbound calls and emails to help customers through the tasting room reservation process. Or, we'll place the reservations for them.

Credit Card Recovery

Wine clubs see around a 10% rate of declines every club run. Our team will contact the customers to update their cards and often capture add on sales.

Customer Support

Customers experience a myriad of challenges surrounding their memberships and visitation to your brand. We solve their problems in real time keeping them happy with their memberships.

Exchange the Existing DTC Revenue Model

The existing DTC model shows that nearly 80% of revenue is derived from the club. The remainder made up by the non club members. Chatterbox sees this as a path to higher attrition rates and buyer fatigue from your club. The club needs service and engagement, but not at the expense of the entire program. Because it’s easy, doesn’t make it right. 

Chatterbox Outbound Mix

Our solution, offers a more balanced approach to both channels. Chatterbox outbound connects with the club and non club to manage engagement and accelerate the sales process. Each segment requires attention – our process slows the attrition rate by creating meaningful relationships with each customer set. And, by not going back to the well so often that buyer fatigue pushes the customer away. 

Traditional Contact Ratio
Wine Club 80%
Traditional Contact Ratio
Non Club 20%
Chatterbox Contact Ratio
Wine Club 60%
Chatterbox Contact Ratio
Non Club 40%
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