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Account Management

Managing the Customers Experience In Real Time

It’s a perfect combination of service and sales. We will remove friction from the customer’s experience and optimize sales opportunities. 

How A Dedicated Account Manager Can Help Your DTC Business Grow.

We understand the complexities of the customer’s relationship with your winery. We also understand that you need to do far more with far less and it’s not getting easier. Chatterbox can provide you with a dedicated resource or team to meet the post sales needs of your wine club and customer base. 

Retain More


Keep customers, longer with attentive customer service. 

Spend Less


Time and money developing your wine club and DTC programs. 

Sell More


Daily outbound sales leads to more DTC revenue. 

Do More


Increase team productivity with fewer sales and service issues. 

account management

Improving The Customer Experience

As your customer’s needs have grown so is the need for improved CX – winery customer experience management. Not just those in the wine club, but, everyone in all phases of their journey with your brand. Despite advances in automation, a live person resolving issues and creating sales opportunities is the most effective way to improve, and grow your business.

Customer Service

Your dedicated team member will support your customers - a combination of concierge and customer service agent.

DTC Wine Sales

Your Account Rep will help you generate DTC sales, wine club add/swaps up sales and wine club sign ups in conjunction with their service responsibilities.

Managing the Customer Experience

Your Benefits

We can make a difference for your team instantaneously through adding immediate value and removal of huge hurdles to profitability. 

No Cost To Hire

Chatterbox has a staff trained in both sales and customer service. We'll work with you to pair a team member with your winery.

Less Staff - More Productive

Decreasing support headcount while gaining increased sales and productivity equals higher margin.

Proactive Customer Service

Handling customer issues head on and providing them with a point person to address their case leads to vastly improved customer sentiment, longevity and profitability.

Increased DTC Revenue

Our team caters to luxury wine brands and knows how to engage and sell customers. Our success metrics rely on making outbound calls daily to connect and monetize your entire list.

Full Engagement

We will call and engage your entire database. Not just the wine club or top customers. We realize everyone doesn't start at the top - some need to be courted. It's our speciality and one that will pay dividends.

Increase DTC Sales and Club Retention

Ask Us About A Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll benefit from our two core strengths, service and sales wrapped into an account manager that will increase your DTC sales and decrease service issues. 

Rapid Response

Respond to customer challenges quickly. Solve their problems in real time. 

Concierge Level

Optimize tasting room visitation by the hour. Upsell tastings pre-arrival. Manage and reshedule changes.

Increase DTC Sales

Increased contact and engagement with members will lead to incremental sales increases. 

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