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Your DTC Profit Center

Our brand of outbound is like a virtual guided tour of your brand. We engage with out pressing. We connect with the intention of building trust. And, we generate immediate revenue from your customer base. Our goal is to grow a highly profitable channel for you while extending the LTV of your database

Our outbound sales team does something email marketing and websites just can't do. They engage in a sincere conversation about the product customers love.

We’ve tried to figure out exactly what the customer loves about talking to our sales team. We can chalk it up to accountability – there’s someone on the phone willing to take your order and ensure it’s delivery. But when you sit down and listen to the conversations, they are heartfelt. We take the time to get to know the customer’s likes (and dislikes). You get to know about their families and daily lives. The common thread – humans want to connect with one another. And sure, they want to know who to call when things don’t go well, but in our experience customer’s want engagement. 

Predictable Revenue


We will work with you to build a campaign strategy steeped in our understanding of current sales benchmarks. 

Timely Campaigns

Too much of a good thing is too much. For most brands, we see ourselves complimenting your campaign calendar with flanking outbound outreach to capture all sales potential.

Experienced Sales Leadership

Everyone in management had their start on the phone. We know the job and have over a decade of experience providing outbound sales to our partners.

Expert DTC & Club Data Analysis

In order to derive accurate sales outcomes, we start with a full analysis of your data segments. The segments help us formulate appropriate messaging and offers.

Telephony for Sales

Our phone system integrates with our CRM to help us reach many with few without compromising customer experience.

Scale Your DTC Program to Maximize Profitability

We help brands scale by partnering with those that have expertise in customer acquisition and world class guest experiences. We compliment those organizations by providing our brand of direct to consumer sales, leadership and sales technology. 

Opportunity Costs Averted

In order to be successful, you’ve got to be all in – or lucky. When you work with your dedicated Chatterbox team, they call, engage and sell. That’s it. Success is derived from not wearing too many hats. 

Top Performing Sales People

Like wine, we'll pair you brand with a top performing team members that understand and can capture your voice.

Nurturing Engagement

No, it's not always about the sale, Sometimes it's just about the story. Our team understands and engages gracefully.

Performance Based Sales

For the qualified, you receive use of all of our tools and experience in exchange for a commission of what we sell.

Actionable Insights

The learnings from engaging with your active customer database can be more profitable than the actual campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call only our club and qualified non club only?

We will call your non performing members. Just not on a performance basis. The difference is one has the potential for sales and the other is un defined.

How long does the campaign last?

It depends on how many customers are on the lists. Each one of our team members makes about 100 calls per day. And the average campaign lasts 2-3 weeks.

How do you decide on what wines to feature?

We like to focus on a wine or two to give the campaign shape and a reason for the call. Our team likes to have about 6 wines to work with and a pocket list of wines should the customer ask.

How do we know our data is secure?

We have built an air tight technology stack that protects our client's data. Onehub is our 256 bit encrypted drop box that offers drag and drop file management as well as a highly secure environment.

Will you call our prospects and unqualified?

Yes. But, we work on a flat rate for the campaign vs performance. Prospects and the unqualified have little or old order data making it challenging to build a forecast; therefore tough to model how we both win.

How do you learn our voice?

Our team will visit your property to meet your staff, taste the wines and ask questions. We call it an immersion.

Let's discuss how we can help you grow your business.

We are here to help and want to collaborate with you on a solution that meets the needs of your business today and for years to come. 

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