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We Can Help Increase Your Museum Membership Through Personalized Outreach.

As humans, we are busier than ever and inundated with electronic messaging. Despite all of our marketing efforts, growing your customer base isn’t happening quickly or significantly enough to make a difference, We can help immediately. 

Call us old fashioned, but our way of connecting with customers is over the phone.

If you want more customers from your current database, let Chatterbox campaign on your behalf. Here’s the challenge, EVERYONE, emails. Some text. And even others text and email. What you find, you are leaving so many opportunities unturned, because the prospects aren’t responding to those communication methods. 

Calling is a way to stand out – to connect and provide customers with an opportunity to engage in a way meaningful to them. It’s also the way to target more senior demographics. If you were born before 1984 – you remember how to use the phone. What we find, it build trust and comfort. 

How We Work With Museum Marketing Programs To Help Grow Membership

The most common question is, “how do you work with existing marketing programs?” We benefit greatly from active email and social media to engaged and convert members. However, as the inertia slows from those two channels, Chatterbox starts calling. We’ll pick up customers that need more assistance, reminders or service to capture their payment.

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The more mature the demographic we are targeting, the more responsive they are to the outreach.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, was reopening after 5 years. They wanted to increase visibility into their Grand Opening events, bolster membership and increase monthly recurring revenue. Chatterbox provided them with an agent, manager and a few hours of onboarding their data. We were provided a database of 1000+ former members and prospects. Our team forecasted a stretch goal of 50 members acquired from an outbound campaign. We signed 200+ and will revisit the list again in the Fall of 2022. 

Total New Members: 224

We added 224 total members to the growing database of museum customers. Members were added over the course of two months.

Museum ROI: 400%

Our campaign to generate new members and to re-engage former members was a big success. CBX increased their MRR, downsized the expense of our expertise and turned a 400% ROI upon completion.

How You'll Experience Chatterbox

A few massive benefits to working with us.

Predictable Revenue

We will build a forecast with you as it relates to the size of your database and ongoing marketing efforts. The proceeds of our sales are immediate. 


You’ll have a dedicated sales manager and team of agents on your campaigns. They are trained in the fine art of DTC sales and engagement. 


Without the cost of additional staff, software and management our clients can scale their operations while maximizing revenue. 

We Can Help You Meet Your Membership Goals

Let's Talk About How We Can Help You.

Our service is scalable and requires very little from you on a daily basis – with the exception of processing new orders. 

It's about the customer type aka 'persona'.

We’ve been doing this a long time. Changes in technology haven’t changed people. They really want someone to talk to about their order. That’s where we shine – we sell to the 70% or more of your list that doesn’t respond to email and social marketing.

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