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How to Run A High Performing Outbound Campaign

Run High Performing Outbound Campaign
The word outbound is accurate in description of the action, but, the job we are performing is called account management. Customers visited the winery and purchased or joined - it's not a cold call or overly intrusive way to sell wine. This webinar and article will share with you how we approach DTC sales and build high performing outbound campaigns.


The webinar is long and is summarized nicely in the text below. We shared ideas on KPIs, scripts, benefits, how much and how often. Its a blueprint for anyone who wants to run outbound in their organization.

Webinar: How To Run A High Performing Outbound Campaign

First, A Huge Thanks.

Thanks everyone that participated and a bigger thanks to Wineshipping for hosting us. If you couldn’t join the webinar here’s a recap and the full length video.

What is An Outbound Campaign?

As it relates to DTC wine sales, geared towards existing customers. The calls are a combination of 50% service and 50% sales.

And in all other sales organizations, it would be called account management.

Outbound Campaign Benefits: How Does the Customer Benefit?

  1. Increased customer lifetime value – talking to customers allows for upsales and shipping optimization (more bottles).
  2. Improved customer engagement with email marketing and social media. 
  3. A personal relationship leads to referrals and increased spend with the agent. 
  4. Decreased customer service tickets and unresolved issues. 

Outbound Campaign Ingredients

  • A sales plan with a financial goal. Planning defines size of list, offer and KPIS like total calls per day and individual sales goals. 
  • List by common segments, non members, wine club members, former buyers of target SKU. 
  • A simple offer 5-6 wines tops – make it easy to understand particularly on the incentive side. 
  • Dials. Your team member can make 125 calls per day with some time to research customers. You need to make a critical mass of calls per day. 

Outbound Is Really Account Management - Post Sale

  • Customers are warm. Prospects, cold.
  • Conversion rates increase, down the funnel.
  • AOV can be higher with Non Members
  • Follow up is expected and common for this persona.

KPIS & Outbound Success Metrics

Building a forecast will give you direction on your campaign. Here’s a quick way to develop the forecast for your team.  And remember, outbound when paired with email marketing will generate the highest returns for the organization.

Forecast = List Size x Average Order Value x Conversion Rate 

  • Conversion Rates 3.75% – 6%
  • Contact Rate 20-22%
  • Our Average Order Value – $526

Your agents, callers or salespeople will benefit the most by following the below calling metrics. 

Agent Success Metrics
  • 100 – 150 per day
  • 20-25 conversations
  • 4 orders placed

The Offer

If you read KPI & Success Metrics – we referenced that outbound + email marketing contributes to the higher returns. Whether you do an outbound only campaign or email + outbound, the size and structure tend to remain the same. 

  • The offer can be to follow up on all the qualified email openers, non buyers. They’ve seen the offer, incentive and skus – they didn’t act. Calling them will generate sales. 
  • Or, create a similar offer structure for a pure outbound campaign.
  • No more than 5-6 wines,
  • Shipping offers are mandatory – thank you Amazon. And helpful for upsales – ex. round out a case.
  • Provide discounts commensurate with membership levels.
  • Make the incentives easy – based on % not volume.


Think about them more like offer guard rails. The word script can put some off as it seems too salesly. With a complex offer, there’s nothing better than having some references points written down to help you with your voicemails. 

Scripts aren’t for talking to the customer – they are more for the the hundred voicemails you’ll leave during the course of the day. After a day or so, usually the script is no longer needed as the callers get comfortable with their approach and the offer details. 

Wine Club Example. 

Hello, it’s Steven at “Your Winery”, we are releasing the 2019 Cabernet, early, to club members. It’s a smaller vintage, hence the call, when you have a moment will you call me back at *(707) XXX – XXXX.”

Non Club Example – Email Follow Up

Hi, {FIRST NAME}, it’s Steven from “Your Winery”.  Following up with you on the email we sent last week on the 2019 Cabernet. 2019 was a very small vintage that produced exceptional wines. Will you call me back to let me know how many you’d like?

How Email And Outbound Campaigns Work Together

  • Email converts at 2%
  • Outbound converts at 4%
  • Call openers, non buyers – increases conversion rate, customers are already aware of offer, price, incentive,
  • Outbound will increase AOV 20%
  • Higher sales, increased depletion, greater chance to convert to wine club.


Our favorite call is the one where the customer doesn’t buy but asks to be called back on the next release. This happens multiple times a day, every day. They want to talk to their favorite winery and appreciate the outreach even if they don’t buy. Try some of the tips from our webinar and hopefully grow your sales. 



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