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Tips from the Telesales Desk

People want to talk to real people. Accountability in the sales process - a live person connects the dots and can eliminates friction for the customer.

Chatterbox’s success with outbound has much to do with the breadth of calls we make – and how we make them. The “how” has never been as noticeable as a reason for our success – but, what we have found is the combination of personal touch + volume of calls leads to more authentic engagement and a higher ratio of calls back.

I think the surprise year over year is that telesales for wine results have improved. What it tells me is people want to talk to people – particularly when buying expensive, perishable, often limited production, collectables. They want to engage with you – they want to share with their friends the stories they render from talking to during the course of the call. It’s how you maintain loyalty and extend the lifetime value of your customers. 

From the customer’s perspective, the calls also downsize transactional friction. Meaning, we can coordinate the shipping at the right time to the right address, provide invoices and become the point of contact when reorders or tracking is needed. 

As it relates to the sales side, we get a chance to connect with the customer. More importantly, we get to ask questions and learn more about the customers likes, dislikes and how to best serve them. Notes in the customer file about preferences lead to sales. 

If you haven’t tried outbound to support DTC sales – run this test. After you send your next email, pull down the list of openers, non-purchasers and call them all. They’ve opened your email out of interest – but got distracted before placing the order. You’ll find that the outbound will not only generate sales, but, give you great insights into what your customers think. 

CBX Outbound Stats 2021:

  • Average calls per day per agent: 90
  • Average Contact Rate: 22%
  • Average Conversion Rate: 4.5-5.26%
  • Average Order Value: $526

Each sales team member makes 85-100 dials per day. We don’t use the automation that is available to us to call more people at once. Each person we can’t connect with receives a message from an agent vs a recorded message. It’s an important distinction and will provide a great deal of insight as to why outbound still works with wine.

Unlike any other product, the customer has to travel to truly engage with the source of their passion. Maybe it’s every year, but, most members the time between visits can be between 3-5 years. Those calls bring them closer to the well – far more than email.

If you are doing outbound from your winery, I’m sure you’ve experienced the recipient who was just glad you made time for them. Even if they didn’t purchase, they remain engaged with your brand and offer a higher potential to buy again.

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