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Tips from the Telesales Desk

Chatterbox’s success with outbound has much to do with the breadth of calls we make – and how we make them. The “how” has never been as noticeable as a reason for our success – but, what we have found is the combination of personal touch + volume of calls leads to more authentic engagement and a higher ratio of calls back.


Year over year, May would mark the end of feverish Spring allocation and buying season. I use the analogy of being on a roller coasting ride and May is the end of the ride before you get off and go stand in line and wait for next October. Times are clearly different. What we are seeing is a decline in contact rate due to heightened levels of customer travel – but average order values are up 10-12%.

Tales from the Telesales Desk: Brittany Monk

I started working at Chatterbox in 2018 with a retail sales background and basic wine knowledge. I had never heard of telesales in general or Chatterbox specifically, but I was stoked when I got the call that I got the job! I wanted to dip my toes into the Wine Industry, and this was definitely the perfect place for me. Even if I wanted to be shy and hesitant, my new coworkers were enthusiastic in welcoming me to the family.

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